Temporary Agora


Disrupted Processes workshop: Temporary Agora  at Research Pavilion #3,  hosted by The University of the Arts, Helsinki, Sala Di Camino, Giudecca , Venice. 

Disrupted Processesare constituted as non-hierarchical open workshops in which knowledge is reciprocated and embodied. Our epicenter is the Temporary Agora (facilitated by Anni Laakso) – a workshop, a sculptural space, an ongoing site for debate, and a potential location to set free collective un/learning processes. The other four Disruptive Processes workshops are: Feminist Gathering with an ambition to form emancipatory feminist strategies (facilitated by Jaana Kokko). Sensory Experiences in Urban Space by the Ajauksia group; a range of excursions in urban environments with an ambition to re-liberate authorship and the articulation of the body, where did art go?/get lost! with an ambition to strengthen where and how art can happen, and scrutinize the systemic tools of our time used to govern us all, facilitated by akcg (anna kindgren and carina gunnars), and the writing workshop Wording – Collaborative Writing in Public Space with an ambition to act against the commodification of bodily resources (facilitated by Lena Séraphin). 

Temporary Agora-workshop at Research-Pavilion #3, Campo S. Cosmo 621, Giudecca, Venice, Sala del Camino 

Hosted by Anni Laakso 

Sculptor, doctoral candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki Art University 

Open workshops   

3, 5, 7, 8, 13, 14 June, 2019 at 10:00 – 13:00

Temporary Agora was an on-going collective construction of a sculptural space. It was developed during a process of constructing together. It enhanced the skills of material negotiation. The working process included the gathering of debris in Venice and a building process that was adapting to each participant needs and desires. 

A temporal sculptural construction was built during the two weeks in a workshop open for everybody. The idea was to create a free and open physical and mental space which will serve as the basis for dialogues. The sculptural space included structures for different activities. The round seating area was for meetings, talks, small performances and resting. The sculpture was site-specific and built especially for the pavilion so that it reacts on and alters the room. Temporay Agora worked as a centre of Disrupted processes –groups`activities. 

The building process was ongoing and was kept on mutating according to the builders. The process materialized negotiation, weighed dissensus and consensus, and suggested collective discerning of form. Temporary Agora was  built of materials collected in Venice by the research group and participants, who where asked to bring material for the Agora.